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Seriously delicious nut butter or nutella smothered, granola dipped apples.
This recipe was developed in 2010 for a Boise family I was fortunate to cook for: for many years! Everyone LOVED it! I suggest eating them immediately.

For lasting crunch, even after a few days in refrigerator, I suggest using a Paleo Style, Nut and Seeded Blend of Granola. Traditional oat and or cereal blends will soften after a day.

Serving Size: 6

6 Granny Smith Apples (cleaned, cored and halved)
1 large lemon, halved (for rubbing apples)
1 cup Nut Butter or Nutella (almond, peanut, cashew) organic only if possible
1-1/2 cups Nut and Seeded Granola! Paleo Blend or Your favorite (by a clean, healthy, naturally sweetened from your natural food stores cereal aisle and or bulk section)
1 X Lg. food storage container

Prepare Ingredients as suggested above.
Rub your apples flesh with your halved lemons (each halved lemon, rubs three halved apples). Put granola in a shallow dish. Have your food storage container available to start packing with your super cool, healthy snack.

With a sandwich spreader: smear an apple with a heaping Tbsp. of nut butter or nutella.
Dip your apple into the granola: then place in food storage container.
Store in refrigerator up too four days.

If making your own nut butter: use any combination of good, clean organic nuts like high fiber macadamia’s. Almond, cashew and or peanut. Maybe a little coconut butter. Make your own Nutella using toasted, skinned hazelnut’s (w’ a little cocoa & skim milk = nutella)! Yummy! I also use pears in this recipe. Pear and Almond are my favorite combo!

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