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Her Green Majesty Salad

The Whole Scoop:
I can’t say exactly what it is I love “the most” about this salad. But I can tell you why you’re going to love it too. This salad was created to be Majestic. The Queen of all salads: with no limit to its uses.

It’s a nutrient dense, flavor packed, crunchy, satiating, delicious meal on its own! It’s perfect for very busy people under a time constraint in the kitchen, but who want a fresh salad every day. Makes a great Grab-n-Run Meal or accompanying a protein. Most impressive are the ingredients amazing shelf life that retains its flavor, texture, and vibrant colors long after preparation.

I too have made a batch for myself on a regular basis for quite some time. From it, I make a variety of different salads, wraps, stir-fry’s, skillets, soups, fillers, and toppers for chili, and even baked potatoes: just by adding an ingredient or two. In my favorite Bento Box. In a Garden Miso Soup, Tuna Tostada or Sonoma Style Wrap. Having it on hand guarantees that I eat a lot of good, clean, raw food all week. That I have a table ready vegetable side dish anytime I want. And it travels well. No fuss, No excuses. That the largest portion & main ingredient in some of my daily meals are packed with nutrient dense veggies satisfies me and

Her Green Majesty Salad Blend
This is a “Large Batch” Recipe. To be used in multiple dishes throughout the week.

1 bag angel hair cabbage
1 5 oz. box baby spinach and arugula
1 bag broccoli slaw
1 bag shredded carrots
1 bunch cilantro, clean, spun dry, leaves only
1 bunch watercress, clean, spun dry, root clipped
1 bunch scallions, cut, 1/2″ thick, on bias

In a large, food grade storage container with lid, combine all ingredients. Cover and store in fridge. Lasts up to one week +++

Toss with your favorite dressing, and or a little olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice and sea salt! Use this blend in multiple recipes and dishes throughout the week.

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