How can I best serve you

By sourcing & shopping for the freshest, Seasonally Inspired,” natural, organic & locally grown foodstuff. Cooking clean food: Like: but not limited to: nuts and seeds, or whole grains, fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs without chemicals & GMO's. Grass-fed; pasture free poultry, meat, dairy, and eggs. Sustainable fish. Dry goods and other staples for the pantry that are natural and are derived from minimally processed “whole foods. Organic, sprouted grains, plant-based sweeteners, unrefined fats, and Greek yogurt in my baked goods. Providing the assurance that your preferences and dietary needs are met with every delicious bite.

“I can raise the standard
and bring a great deal of life and spontaneity to your table”

Your meal plan, menus, & recipes will be individually customized, exclusively for you. Based upon your lifestyle, routine, nutritional parameters and preferences. Whether we're at home or traveling. Foods prepared, may be, (but not limited to) breakfast, lunch, and or dinner. Traveling and after-school snacks,” A Grab-n-Go Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer”.  Baked goods. Raw Treats. And a variety of beverages (smoothie, juice, teas, and water). Pet food and treats.

  • Preparing seasonally-inspired clean foods
  • Organic, farm-to-table provisioning
  • Individually customized recipes
  • Traveling Chef. Music and Motion Picture Industry/other
  • American regional cuisine with healthy adaptations
  • Multicultural world cuisine
  • Master cake decorator, baking, and pastries
  • Pet food and treat, home-cooked and raw
  • Kid-friendly/natural baby food
  • Performance nutrition
  • Paleo, gluten-free, and macrobiotic
  • Vegetarian, vegan, and raw foods
  • Diabetic, low fat/low calorie
  • Entertaining and special event catering
  • Trained in multiple service styles


Very busy/active families with growing children and pets. Professionals working long hours. Fitness & Sports Enthusiasts. Athletes & Trainers. Entertainers and those with Special Dietary Needs.

Private Chef

At Home and Abroad – Live-Out / Live On

Touring/Traveling Personal/Private Chef

Work has consisted of extensive world travel in the music industry. And nationally in the motion picture industry.

Catering and Backstage Coordinator/Ambiance

Planning and supervising backstage activities, food, drink, furniture, and ambiance. Responsible for the artists and entourages’.  Their families, friends and invited guests.

Contact Joanie for specific details and availability pertaining to Regional or Global Services. Long term and short terms of agreement and commitment